Week three of being a vegan.

Week 3 day 1


I feel like a let-down when I tell you I didn’t have breakfast or lunch today, because I was still feeling unwell. I slept all day, but I did make a half-hearted attempt to make stuffed peppers for dinner.

A friend sent me the recipe for said peppers- which were so hearty and filling for such a simple meal. I tweaked the recipe slightly, by adding Bisto gravy granules (I always add gravy granules to mince-type dishes, as it makes it taste more ‘meaty’. What a pro). I also added vegan cheese which only took four days to melt under the grill.

I had the peppers with salad, but you can always add carbs to the meal – I no judgey.

 IMG_1628 IMG_1626

Week 3 day 2


I began to feel more human today, and I was thankfully working from home. At least this way I didn’t have to crawl on my stomach to the train platform, which was nice.

I made Nandos ‘chicken’ kebabs with a baked sweet potato and broccoli. You are going to see a lot more broccoli in my dinners to try and get more protein, so many apologies in advance for the leafy green overload.

Any how, turns out Nandos medium sauce is vegan (yes, I only got medium and not hot; its Thursday lunchtime and I’m not an animal). So in a bowl with the sauce and olive oil I added Quorn chicken pieces, peppers, mushrooms and red onion and left it for three hours to get saucy. It was really tasty, and wasn’t overly filling, thankfully.


I went to a friends in the evening, and had a few glasses of prosecco, so I made sure I had some BROCOLLI (woo), kale, falafels and a potato waffle. A real inspirational dinner for you all to mull over, and I’m sorry but I can’t give you the five minutes of your life back for this blog entry.

But yes- Thursday. Proscecco. Oh I also ate some more pistachio nuts when I got home. Out of interest, when eating nuts, do you crack open a shell and pop the nut in your mouth, one at a time? Or do you hurriedly crack oven six at a time and throw them down your throat whilst cracking the next six nuts to keep the flavours flowing? Asking for a friend..


Week 3 day 3


I got up super early and worked out. I ate a yoghurt and a banana for breakfast. Once I have the body of a goddess I’m totally going to use Instagram to upload serene pictures of me doing handstands on a beach in my activewear, and post inspirational quotes with the hashtags #fitspo #thinsperation. Everyone loves that.

I had a falafel salad from the canteen again. I am acutely aware this blog is just literally me telling you I eat falafel, quinoa, and that I drink copious amount of prosecco.

I did however, make a vegan chilli for dinner, and to make it look fancy, I smashed up a couple of tortilla chips to sprinkle on top with cheese. It was pretty good. I went a bit overboard with the soya mince to tomato ratio, and let’s just say I made enough to see my street through two world wars. Chilli is a dish I enjoy making from scratch, so I used all my regular ingredients and again, I  added gravy granules to add a more beefy flavour to the dish.


Because I am a woman of the 21st century, and have been known to watch telly whilst drying my hair and painting my toes at the same, I made donuts alongside the chilli. That might not sound very adventurous to you, but a deep pan of hot fat with someone as clumsy as me is a recipe for disaster.

Luckily I didn’t burn myself or the cats, so I retreated to the lounge to binge watch Orange is the New Black.

Week 3 day 4


Because you all found it cute that I hang out with my granddad, here is a picture of him enjoying his jacket potato.


I felt like a bit of a crack addict in M&S. I smuggled in a bump of vegan butter in my handbag. It took for what felt like a lifetime to unravel the cling film, and plop it on to my butter without arousing suspicion.

Granddad, however, didn’t even bat an eyelid this time when I asked for no cheese, and was more interested in his theory on his neighbours bowl movements. Apparently, he was convinced his neighbour is having toilet trouble because he eats too many chips.

I felt pretty bad again today, so for dinner I had chip shop chips (must have been the lovely story this morning) with all the salt and vinegar to cheer myself up with. It didn’t work. I actually felt so greasy and disgusting afterwards, and I also felt like all the exercising I had done this past week was just un-done.

Don’t tell my granddad I ate chips, ok?


Week 3 day 5

Sunday (Faja’s day)

I’m feeling all smug today, because I found a new snack I enjoyed. Hummus and breadsticks.


Yeah, yeah, I know. Everyone eats hummus.

But I am someone who does not trust condiments. I don’t like cold food. I hate mayonnaise and ketchup. I refuse to eat cold gloopy substances. I have never enjoyed salad, or dressing. I would always choose a hot meal over a cold one. So you should all marvel at the fact I am eating salads on the regular. What a hero I am.

But anyway, I got piri piri flavoured hummus you guys. And I got hot chilli breadsticks. Therefore I was pretty impressed with myself.


I made pancakes again, they were yum. Again. I ate them in the sunshine watching Orange is the New Black. No spoilers- but wow, I didn’t think there was any way this show could come back after the abomination that was season 3, but it did! What did you guys think?


Today was Father’s day, and I made slow cooked lamb shoulder with homemade Yorkshire puds. Don’t worry. I didn’t eat the puds, or the baby sheep. I may have dribbled slightly as I was forking it apart on the serving plate. I love cooking meat. I slow cooked the lamb with shallots, garlic, balsamic vinegar, honey and rosemary.

IMG_1808 IMG_1806

I may have also filmed the lamb with the heat rising, I really wanted to post it on here but I was conscious that a) I’m supposed to be converting you all to my new cult diet, and b) I don’t know how to upload videos onto a blog.

I accidentally clicked on a photo of cows queuing to have their throats slit yesterday, with a river of blood the other side, and I cried. So that was enough to ruin my appetite for lamb.

HAPPY SUNDAY Y’ALL! Big loving to the dads on the earth with us, or from the clouds, and also big love to the men who stand up to be fathers even if they aren’t blood related.


Week 3 day six


It’s my last full week as a vegan. I have genuinely enjoyed eating healthier, and I’m thinking I may stay vegetarian, and only eat cheese on the weekends.

I kicked off the new week with…

Marmalade on toast. I bet you didn’t see that coming.

I had falafel salad for lunch again. What a creature of habit.

I didn’t get home until gone 8pm, so I made the sweet potato Thai curry from week one. Still just as tasty, even the boyfriend was game for seconds.


Week 3 day seven


Blah blah blah, yoghurt and granola, falafel salad, an oriental sencha tea, £7 spent on food AGAIN.

Here is falafel salad today. I mistook the chilli peppers for sweet peppers. I felt like I had collagen pumped into my lips by the end of lunch.


Wanting to end the week on a high, I made garlic bread. It was a tasty concoction of melted vegan butter, minced garlic, mixed herbs and olive oil slapped on a Tesco baguette. If that doesn’t sound like it’s been lifted straight from a sexy French Michelin star restaurant menu, I don’t know what does!

It was nice- my tip to my future self would be to butter the bread first, then to add the mixture on top of the butter so the bread soaks up all the yummy goodness.


I also was a bit bold and made a goopy spaghetti dish. It was utterly awful. It even looks disgusting. It took me 45 minutes to make- wasn’t impressed. If anyone knows of any creamy tomato pasta dishes, hook your gurl up.

The spaghetti and cumin almost made an appearance again during my workout. Ugh.

Lets hope week four is more successful.



Overview of week 3

Despite last weeks’ dip in energy, and this week’s spell of being ill (not diet related), I do feel like I am getting in to my stride with the diet and exercise.

Quite a few people have commented on my weight loss, and also that my skin looks clear. I am so freaking happy that I have lost 2 inches from my thighs, bum, and hips! I don’t want to weigh myself, as I think I would have gained muscle which means I’d probably be disheartened by the result.

I also got ID’d for prosecco twice last week. Cleary being vegan has a Benjamin Button effect and it reverses the curse of aging. Either that, or its down to the fact I recently had the same fringe cut back in that I had when I was four.


But you guuuyys. I feel so good! I’m not using junk food to coast through the day, I’m persevering with exercise three times a week, and I’m feeling confident and positive because I’m making a conscious effort to change. I don’t feel sluggish, I feel more productive at work, and I also don’t feel regret for over-eating. I definitely think it is mind over matter, and after getting past the first few weeks it definitely feels like its part of my normal routine now.

The only annoyance is I don’t get home until late most evenings, and I’m always doing something, so ‘eating on the go’ is very difficult- which is probably why my choice of food is getting a bit same-y. Not that I mind, as I’m not obsessing over what is next. I also hate the fact milk is in bloody everything! Why do you need milk in crisps?! Why do you need crab shells in cider?! Bloody consumerism and corporate greed ruining my day!

So there we go, end of week three, I’m even more smug, I’m slimmer (albeit still wobbly), and I’m feeling more energetic.

Oh, I scratched the back of my upper arm and got confused by a strange hard lump on Thursday. Turns out it’s a tricep.

Good thing I’m not a doctor.

See you next week!



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