First blog/Why I am going vegan for June 2016.

Hello you lovely lot.

If you’re reading this, then you either really love me, or you are just nosy and want to see just how pretentious I am coming across with my latest challenge.

For those of you that know me only through Facebook, I have a tendency to start projects with great gusto; yet the projects fizzle out after a week or two when I get bored. It’s not that I’m not a committed person- you pay me to do a job? I’ll do it to the best of my ability. You ask me to commit to a relationship? I’ll be your right hand gal. But when it comes to setting my own challenges, well, I like to dream a bit too much. I like the idea and the preparation, but not so much the end result.

Well, all that is about to change because I’VE GOT A BLOG EVERYONE. Aaaand I’ve paid for the hosting rights which means I can’t back out and I really should learn how to become the HTML goddess I once was back when MySpace was hip. Ah the days where I would spend hours agonising over the perfect song for my profile, because being sixteen was not about a 90 minute commute home, cooking dinner, tidying up, having a bath and oh the cat has done yet another poo and all I want to do before work tomorrow is watch Geordie Shore but I’m EXHAUSTED.

So anyway, as you have probably heard me banging on about for the last few weeks, I’ve decided to go vegan for June. (I am well aware that Veganuary exists, but January is the carb comedown month after Christmas, let’s get real here..) I am eliminating not only meat and fish, but also dairy and eggs from my diet for 30 days.


(Here is the preachy part, it’s short- I promise!)
I love animals more than I love food. I say that with a slight twitch, because these hips don’t lie. It’s not that I don’t love animal derived products, because I really, really do. I’ve often fantasized about entering a cheeseburger competition, or on a down day, fantasized about slow cooking a leg of lamb and eating it with nothing but my bare hands. My love of meat and cheese is probably the main reason* I have cellulite and a wobbly leg or two- and lets not glance over the fact a pot of strawberries in Pret is double the price of a pain au chocolat.

*that and the other glaringly obvious fact that I do about as much exercise as Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows.

But I do love animals more. I honestly feel guilty every time I eat meat or dairy or eggs. If I was faced with a zombie apocalypse, I couldn’t kill an animal to survive. If I can’t do it, why am I ok to let someone else do it? It’s not just about the dead animal; cows and chickens live a horrible life to provide us with delicious gooey cheese to sprinkle on our fajitas, and milk to accompany our morning cup of caffeine. I was blissfully unaware, and happily naïve about mass-farming. That was until a lady I work with (who, is a massive meat eater – not a preachy vegan I might add) told me all about the life of ‘organic’ and ‘free range’ dairy and egg farms. I won’t go in to gruesome detail, but if you ever want to learn – I’d recommend watching Cowspiracy or Earthlings, both I believe are on Netflix.

I completely understand we have a food chain. I know that if we saved every single animal we would be overrun, and it’s the cirrrrrcle of liiiiiiife. However, I think that when a lion kills a zebra, she does so to survive. Yet when I go to SFC chicken at 2am after a night out, a sneaky number 15 washed down with a diet coke is not a life or death situation. At least that’s what I tell drunk me, anyway.

I guess my main point is, unless I know what I am eating and where it comes from, I don’t know what my money is supporting. And I don’t feel comfortable about that.

So now the preachy part is out of the way, I do hope you continue to read my blog to see how I get on. I promise you will laugh at my expense, roll your eyes at my ridiculous complaints, and who knows, I may even convert a human or two? Maybe if we all did one vegan meal a week, we can change some serious stats (optimism right there…)

I’ll be providing a weekly update, along with recipes and my triumphs and failures with photographic evidence. I’ve also taken my body measurements, to see if I lose any weight or notice any miracles at the end of the month.

Stick with me!



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